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Foiled at the last minute
So, my game crashed a little bit back, and I had to reinstall. But I finally put all the pieces back together again, made everyone over again, and shot all the pictures for all eight scenes of my newest chapter. I feel pretty good about the writing, and was feeling really good about the pictures. I have a lot of really nice long shots, and was practicing my set building, which I'm new to, and I had done some scenes with way more characters that I'd ever done before that almost made my laptop melt. On the whole, I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

I just opened the storytelling folder to start sorting which pictures should go where, and I realize that when I reinstalled it had changed my picture taking settings. I'd changed some of them so the sims have fingers and all that, but all of the pictures are in 300x400. I read (and really enjoy) some stories with pictures only a little bigger than this, but I think they have better graphics cards than me, or I didn't restore some other settings, because their pictures always look good.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about.

So, what do you think? Should I post the chapter with the pictures that quality, which I could have up by the end of the day, or start reshooting?

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Ack.. Game crashes.. Our laptops are all in cahoots in their hatred of our games, aren't they?

That photo looks fine. :) If you're happy with them, and they show what you want them to show. *Looks forward to reading*

I almost did the same this after my last reinstall, but because I minimize my game after every capture to get the bitmap in the main storytelling folder, I caught it early. I did have some 'outtake' style photos that I found out later were taken at the lowest settings. (Mainly Daniel Pleasant and his awesome glitch arm.. Which freaked out my non-simmer friend when she saw it :P)

I'm not sure laptops are meant to be implements of simming. Unfortunately, it's all I've got.

Yeah, I guess I'm overreacting. I was just so excited about getting it done, and you can't see Ripp smirking at Tank, just that they're both looking at each other, and a lot of those kind of details are gone, and it really takes some pictures I thought were going to be "Wow, that's cool!" down to "That gets the job done, I guess"... It'll be fine.

You minimize your game after ever capture? My laptop makes a big gasping for air noise and takes a couple minutes every time I try to minimize the sims.

It takes a while to sort itself out after the first time it's minimized, and it takes a little while to start the game back up again, but after that it's not so bad. Does freeze every now and then..

And yes, I did mean this to be a reply to your comment.. -_- lol

I figured. Still that's impressive. I wouldn't have the patience. I just take three times as many pictures as I think I'll need, and then sort out the best ones after... Which is what leads to this kind of thing, I suppose.

I've got all the pictures sorted and just need to upload them and paste the html into the right spots in the journal, and I want to go shoot a nice teaser pic at least. But right now it's bed and then work. So, tomorrow. Tomorrow it'll be up, and I'll finally be able to move on to the next chapter. Have a good evening over there :)

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