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I'll get you Jan Tellerman!
So I've been playing the Sims 2 for a long time. And I've tried most things out, done things just to see what would happen. But I'm think I'm pretty good at the actual traditional gameplay business. Everyone learns skills, early death is unheard of, tops of careers are reached. So this is the first time this has ever happened to me except for one time when I did it purposely to seed the adoption pool.

The Social Worker took all my sims' children.

Here you get a view of blatant lack of decorating I do for my BACC sims. But here's the Social Worker serving Marie Terwilliger with the news her kids are being taken. Like me, Marie totally did not deserve this, and will totally put down her mac and cheese to cry about this in a minute.

This is Milton. He's fine, and totally does not need to be rehomed.

Sure, he's cleaning rotten mac and cheese off the floor, but really, he's fine, all in the green and there's more non-rotten food in the fridge for him. See, his mom just got home a little bit ago, and all 4 kids (one child, three toddlers) have been being cared for by a sim I moved in who is the husband's secret pregnant boyfriend who was very tired. So things were a little stressed, but I was confident they would turn around with Marie coming home from work.

This is Alison. She's totally fine and just chilling in her crib. Further evidence everything is peachy.

Jolene is crying about her dirty diaper, but otherwise fine. No one's been able to change her for a while though. Why? That's a good question, and that brings me to...

Jan Tellerman. She came home with Marie from work. Marie headed straight for Jenny who needed to be fed and changed, but Jan got there first. And stood with her in front of Jolene's crib. Both Marie and the secret boyfriend tried everything. They tried interacting with Jan Tellerman to get her to put Jenny down. They tried to change Jenny but couldn't get Jan to give her up. They tried telling Jan to leave. Nothing worked. She just continued stupidly holding her until her needs continued to drop and the social worker came.

I hate you Jan Tellerman. We are officially enemies. I was really looking forward to seeing these weird looking children grow up, and they all had the recessive hair genes that are so rare in my BACC. Now I have to wait to find homes for them, and they will probably be split up. Something horrible will happen to you Jan Tellerman. I just need to decide what.

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Haha, aww. Stupid Jan Tellerman. I've gotten the social worker once or twice, once was during a legacy where there was summer all the time and they didn't have a house yet - the toddler overheated!

(By the way, when this happens, you can select the toddler and cancel the 'be held' icon... the sim holding it should put it down then.)

Overheated? Yikes! And during a legacy? What happened? Did you just have to shrug and have more children, or is that game over?

Ah, usually I do that. I must have missed trying it this time, I don't know why.

It was still early in the first generation, so I actually just started over, since there was other things I wasn't happy with either. Of course, I have yet to get past generation 4 in a legacy. :P

Do I sense a hint of perfectionism? :)

Buh.. Buh.. I thought she was a nice sim. D: Before my rebuild, Cris would bring her home from work everyday without fail. Seriously, every single fricken time.

But seriously, that's a huge bugger. :( The only time (other than purposefully making adoptable children, before I knew of easier ways) that I've had a SW come to collect is when I was shooting a sim scene, back when I was still getting used to the Freezer clock and I didn't realise that once a sim is frozen, they're as good as non existent until they're unfrozen. I froze both the adults on the lot and the SW came and took the toddler, in the middle of the shoot. Hence it's abrupt ending.

Hopefully the kids don't get too split up. I think that 'repossessed' children are the only ones available for adoption until they all have been, so one family could adopt them all to keep them together..

That SW looks pretty interested in what Marie is nomming on there. She could have used it as a bribe! :P

And she never wreaked havoc with any of his kids? Strange.

I'm still plotting out my revenge for her, but as a romance sim I think she's going to be unhappy with my demand that she replace all the recessive haired children she took from me. >:)

That sucks, I've never used the freezer clock before, it's stories like that that make me think "Ah, I'll just muddle through without it..." I hope you got all the shots you needed and exited without saving.

I would have exited without saving. Since that wasn't any of your own doing, that would count as a glitch in my book.

I've only had the social worker come once before - one parent got a promotion and left for work again, so both parents were gone when their son came home from school. D'oh!

Yeah, I really thought about it, but then since I've never had it happen, I decided to keep it. It adds interest. And honestly, the parents are fortune sims -- they'll get over it.

It seems like that's one of the only ways to do it. After all, they won't let the last adult leave a lot while a child is there, but the bus driver has no problem kicking them out the door and driving off.

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