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TL;DR Still here, in a rainforest, upcoming plot teasers
Hey, so it's been a while, but I'm still alive. I've been a bad commenter lately, and I'm trying to make amends. I like all of you and your stories very much, so no more of the bad commenter stuff, just keep it coming.

I've also been a bad writer. I'm blaming that on the weather. See, I'm trying to write about a tiny quirky town in the middle of the desert, and I'm living in the heart of a large city on a large body of water that feeds to the ocean, in what is considered to be one of the only rainforests north of the tropic of cancer. Desert small town vs. Rainforest metropolis.

So you see how I'm having trouble getting into it.

But it will stop raining for summer soon, and I'm writing today, even though it's raining. And I've got some pretty great plot lines I want to explore. First I've got to finish up Ophelia and Olive's ongoing plot, and Pascal will finally have his baby, but then I've got a pretty spectacular introduction for Chloe and Lola, a lot more screen time for Vidcund in a direction you won't see coming, the Beakers go even more mad scientist, and a plot for Buck Grunt that I feel very new and original and smug about, and I think you all will like, if I ever get to it.

Basically a lot of these plots are going to be skeletons coming our of people's closets on ambiguous things past in Strangetown. Is Olive a serial killer? Why pollination technicians? What the hell is up with the Curious twins chronology? And what ever happened to that missing woman? But not the one you think -- I've said too much. Just know that Strangetown can't contain these secrets forever, and I'll either write a bunch so I can update quickly for at least a while, or I'll start making my chapters shorter, so it appears like I'm writing more.

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It's been raining here too. In a way I'm relieved, it's not blisteringly hot and ultra humid, now it's just chilly and humid. :P

I'm super excited to see where you're going with your story. I'm very much looking forward to getting my "Drake Equation" fix. :D

Consider me officially teased, and waiting for an update :D

This makes me very happy. :D

Looking forward to an update, and hope it stops raining for you! :)

My tendency to skim posts a little before reading them in full lead me to believe you'd flown down to Brazil or something. o.o It always takes stuff like "the other rainforest" to remind me that your part of the country is one! I'd love to have more rain here, but I imagine it must get boring after awhile when it's so frequent.

I've had an original idea about Buck and I'm very excited to see what you're doing with him. Actually, I'm excited about it all!

I actually found out about your story through simsecret, and I've just gone through and caught myself all up with it. I also added you to keep up with future posts, and I hope to see more from you in the future, as I've immensely enjoyed everything so far!

Wait, you heard about my story where now? Seriously? Well, I'll try to get moving on this story then. I'm really glad you're enjoying it.

Aha! Here (#22), if you haven't already seen it. I agree with it, very much, and since you were recommended alongside "Strangetown, Here We Come" and "Fortune & Romance" your story is in good company.

I do like the way you are addressing everyone, much different from the stereotypes, For instance - Circe, Olive, and Buzz are not all completely and totally evil jerks.

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Well I'll be damned. I'm aware of simsecret, but just never thought I'd be the subject of it. That's very flattering.

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