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Really? Me? In a Simsecret?
Hey, I just wanted to say thanks to whoever submitted that simsecret about me. Those were some very kind words and some VERY nice stories that completely outclass me to be mentioned in the same sentence as. I had no idea anyone was actually waiting for my stuff, not just regarding it with mild bemusement when it showed up and forgetting it when it didn't.

I don't take it as pushy at all. I tend to trail off and get things done slowly. Too slowly. The fact that I need a life coach to motivate me through playing computer games at a reasonable speed is probably indicative of a lot of things about me.

But Chapter 8 is written, and I am devoting this Friday (one of my days off work) to shooting pictures for it. I don't promise I'll get all of them done, because I'm really slow, but your secret has lit a fire under me. So thank you.

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I for one am always happy to see an update, and respond with excitement and enthusiasm. So I'll be looking forward to the next update, when ever it arrives :D

And if you do find a life coach that can motivate you to take pictures, please pass me the details!

Well thank you. I'm trying to have it up soon, but soon for me always seems to turn out to mean "soon" in archeological terms.

I'm not the secret writer, but I consider your story some of the best sims writing out there, too, and I'd love to see more. :)

Awww, you're making me blush. I guess I have to go shoot some pictures now.

Praise totally deserved! You have a really natural style, I enjoy your sense of humor (Bigfoot's love slave, for one, made me chortle in real life), and - most of all - your unique takes on the characters. Let's face it, I don't remember anyone writing Ajay as as interesting as you do. He's a blank canvas, what with his cute face, uninformative description and no family ties; most people don't know what to do with him, and you turned him into an enjoyable character, not flawless, but fun and endearing. He's definitely my favorite. Also, your Jenny is badass, betta recognize. Your story is loads of fun, so don't worry if it's not popular yet - it will be, it deserves to be! :)
tl;dr - buckets of love, Queen of France out.

Well thank you. Those are some very kind words.

And I'm glad someone still likes Ajay, even with what he's been up to lately.

Speaking of interesting Ajays, if you like mine, you should check out katee412. Her Ajay has a far more scandalous job than mine, and was the subject of an awesome 10 things meme. I can't recommend her story enough.

Thanks, I will definitely check it out!

Plain and simple! I like your work!

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