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Warning!: If you have cats, don't have Lilies.
So a friend got me a bouquet of flowers for my birthday. Like an idiot, I didn't check what they were, and instead brought them into my apartment. The cats didn't really get into them until today, when Rosie wanted to see them and so I stupidly hoisted her up closer to them. She stuck her face in them, and came out with a face stained with pollen. I laughed for a moment, because it was cute, then she licked it off her nose, and I remembered: SOME FLOWERS ARE TOXIC TO CATS. I didn't know what kind of flower this was.

Well, they probably don't put highly toxic plants in common bouquets, I thought. But I'm a paranoid person, so I looked up flowers toxic to cats anyway, just so I could put my worry aside. Boom! Lily! Giant picture of the flower she just stuck her face in, one of the most toxic flowers to cats, and super common. Lilies cause kidney failure in cats within a few days, even the pollen.

I rushed her to the vet, and they saw her within an hour of her ingesting it. She's stuck at the emergency vet for 2 days, and basically having her kidneys flushed. She's expected to make a full recovery, though there's a chance she'll get some kidney damage out of it, and still a very small chance she could still go into kidney failure. But if I hadn't been so paranoid and brought her in immediately, if I'd waited even a day to see our regular vet, she would probably be dead within a few days.

Her sister is freaking out. I'm freaking out. My boyfriend is freaking out.

Lilies are super common, they usually have 6 petals, three behind the other three, and long stamens with lots of pollen. They come in lots of colors. And they were only the top of a long list.

I know this isn't sims related, but I also know lots of you have cats. The morals: Check your flowers if you have pets, and be paranoid.

Also, the friend who got me the flowers has a cat, and so if these at the type of flowers she likes, I should probably warn her, right? I don't blame her at all, I'd just want to warn her for her cat. That's gonna be awkward.

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Really good advice, as I didn't know this. I adore lilies and cats, I never knew those were so toxic for the little tiggers! Thankfully I've always kept any lilies in my room, to which cats don't have access.
So yeah, good to know, and I really hope your kitty will be fine. And do warn your friend as well! Awkward is much less of a problem than a kitty with kidney failure D:

They are apparently a one of the most toxic things for them. I just can't believe nobody knows about it. I'm kind of a crazy cat lady, and I didn't know about it.

The vet is very optimistic, and so I'm trying to be too. We'll get her new kidney values at 7 tonight, and if they've stayed good we'll be out of the woods.

Yeah, I'm definitely warning her, but not until Rosie is home and safe, and I've yet to decide whether to lie and say Rosie never got into it in the first place, so she doesn't feel bad the boyfriend and I just dipped heavily into our "Oh Shit!" Fund.

I hope Rosie comes out okay and makes a full recovery. I'm sure she will. :) ~hugs~ I hope you're doing okay, too. I can't imagine how frightening that would have been. :(

I had no idea that Lilies were that dangerous to cats. That's scary. :( *Goes off to look it up* We never really had flowers in our house when we had Sally. She liked eating plants. :/

Thanks. She's young, strong, and got treated immediately, so her odds are really good.

It's so scary. It makes me wonder how many things there are that are dangerous that just don't know about.

That's really useful info. I love lilies, but I don't keep any plants in the house because the cat' cats won't leave them alone. Misha peed in my dad's peace lily and killed it, and molly has found it satisfying enough to chew on my corn broom when she needs her plant fix.

Always keep a corn broom in the house, even if you (like I ) never use it for floor sweeping.

Ma'am, you are one large step smarter than me. Why did I bring them in the house? I am glad to hear that your Misha could score a point for feline kind in cats vs. lilies, hope Rosie is doing the same.

So you use the corn broom as a safe chewing alternative? Interesting. That reminds me of how some people with indoor cats plant catnip and other yummies in their front yard, so if a cat gets out, instead of running they go directly to the plant, start munching, and are easily caught.

Using the broom was unintentional, but molly loves the thing. I got a new vacuum cleaner, so I just placed the broom in a corner near my computer area so I cam make sure she doesn't go too nuts on it. It doesn't seem to do her any harm, and I have known other cats do the same. She just chews and chews and chews.

I tried planting both catnip and oatgrass in the house, but misha just pees in it. I live in an urban area so I don't have anywhere outside to plant stuff, but it is a good idea to keep in mind if I ever move back to the country.

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Thank you so much for sharing this, I had absolutely no idea that some flowers were toxic to cats!

I hope your cat is okay, and I'm so glad you were able to respond so quickly.

Just trying to spread the (terrifying) word about lilies.

For bringing her in so quickly, I definitely owe my mom a letter of gratitude for giving me her worrying gene, which is what led to the good cat mothering. Normally, when I over worry, I do whatever will be quickest to alleviate the worry. If I'm in bed and I think I haven't locked the door, I get up and check. After the earthquake in Japan, since I'm also on the pacific rim, I looked up all about how plate tectonics work and didn't stop until I understood that quakes there don't cause quakes here. I honestly thought I was just squelching a worry, it was terrifying to actually be right! But from an evolutionary biology standpoint, I totally see how my mom's worrying gene would be selected for if I was the type of person who produced a genetic offspring and didn't just have cats.

WOW, just from the pollen? I always thought they had to eat the poisonous items (and eat like a whole flower's worth) before it would affect them.

Thanks for the warning.

*good vibes* for Rosie. You're such a good cat mom, too.

Yeah, just from the pollen. When I called the emergency vet and they said I had to bring her in, and that by the time my normal vet opened it might be too late, I definitely thought, "Am I a sucker? Maybe. You win, emergency vet. Take all my money. I don't want to see if you're bluffing." And on while we waited to see a doctor after they'd already taken her back to start treatment, I heard the receptionist advise someone over the phone not to bring their dog in because it hadn't eaten enough chocolate to be really harmful. So apparently they don't just try to sucker everyone into bringing their pets in for expensive treatments.

Three more hours and I'll have Rosie's results. I'm either the best cat mom ever for listening to my paranoia, or the worst, for lifting her up to smell the pretty flowers.

No matter what, you're not a bad pet parent because you let her smell the flowers.

*continued good vibes*

Wow, that had to be scary! But it's good that you were so quick to check and bring her to the vet; I'd say that makes you a very good cat-parent.

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