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The Drake Equation

4 June
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This is my journal for my sims 2 story, The Drake Equation. The Drake Equation is a formula by Dr. Frank Drake, American astronomer and astrophysicist, which calculates the probability of our civilization encountering an alien civilization, essentially the chance that a person's life will be affected by aliens. I've gotten better at writing with more regular practice, and I'd kind of advise people to skip the first two chapters. They're a little embarrassing, but I'm not taking them down, just in case.

My user name is an scientific misstep in the earlier part of the 20th century thought about some kinds of larger sauropods and stegosauri. Paleontologists believed that since these dinosaurs were so large (and many of them had tiny brains), getting motor signals to the their tails and hind legs would have taken too long, and so they must have had a second brain around their hips to direct this motion. When scientists found evidence of an enlarged sacral ganglia in this region, they mistook it for a brain and it reinforced this theory.

Anyway, feel free to read my story, or if you've got a story you think I'd like, to draw my attention to it.