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Progress Report and Kitten Cam
johnny ophelia
So I went to go shoot the pictures, and found out my game is borked. Sims dropping items off queues, springing up through walls, and no free will actions whatsoever. I am officially done with my game just glitching on me, and uninstalled, reinstalled, only to find that my apartment life disc is scratched in a place where it only matters for installation, not for game play.

But the good news is that I've ordered a new copy on ebay, it's on its way here, and I'm going to start using meetme2theriver's clean neighborhoods, so my game doesn't do this in the future. I was worried switching to the uberhood for my story neighborhood would make Strangetown feel like less of a small isolated town, but I've decided that seeing familiar faces wandering around in the background even they're from other towns is probably better for a small town feel than a stream of downtownies always wandering around.

Also, I've managed to nearly finished writing chapter 9 while waiting for my new copy of apartment life to arrive, and it is all creepy Olive Specter, all the time.

So, for now I will leave you with something that is unarguably more enjoyable than my story: Kitten Cam. A friend took in a stray who just had 6 adorable kittens a few days ago, and she's put a webcam on them. She plans to get them all spayed and neutered, keep the mom and a kitten and adopt out the rest.

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How completely irritating that your game got borked, I just went and made a back up of mine. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing creepy Olive Specter!

And Kitten Cam is adorable, and I think your friend is doing a really wonderful thing :D

*squees at kitten cam* ^^

Also, good luck with your game. It is a fickle piece of software.


Sorry about your game combusting... but hey, at least you'll be able to start fresh, with those clean neighbourhoods and all! Guess there's that, though that propably doesn't help much...

Good luck with setting up your new Strangetown. I can't wait to see more of your Olive. :)


KITTENS! *ehem* :P The inner cat lady in me has been getting very clucky lately. (I'm not sure if clucky would be the right word to use.. Meowy? XD )

Damn borkage. :( But it's good to start off on a clean slate sometimes. I do feel your pain about a scratched AL disk. Last time I reinstalled I found that mine was dodgy. I loan it to my sister so she can play on the family computer, and once a cd is in her hands it's a write off. :P Had to go out and get a new copy because my old one is now cracking up from the center and scratched to buggery.
(AL and Uni are pretty much the only ones I see in stores now. Found a copy of the basegame I was tempted to buy, along with NL, because I have Deluxe, but when I went back with money they were both gone.)

Lots of Creepy Olive is a good thing. Can never have too much creepy Olive. :D

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