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Maxis Meme
First off, thanks to everyone who gave well wishes to my cat, Rosie, in my last entry. She is fully recovered and at home with her co-dependant sister. The vet attributed her recovery to us getting her in so quick, so remember if you even think your pet has eaten something poisonous, take them to the vet immediately.

01. Favourite pre-made.

Maybe Vidcund at this point. I love all the Strangetown characters though.

02. Pre-made you dislike.

Stealing an answer here: Crystal Vu.

I hate her. Even times that I've let her end up with Lazlo, and they had beautiful children that were some of my favorite sims, I still hated her. I have no idea why, and I used to worry that it was internalized misogyny and that I hated her for being a career driven woman, but then I realized that I love Lola Curious, Kristen Loste, Jenifer Burb, and even Circe (even though she's not a sympathetic character) so I don't think that's it. I honestly think it has more to do with the way she behaves in the game, the fact that my game always gives her a military career (and my views on the American military's actions since I've been an adult are not positive) and perhaps a slight prejudice of mine against tan blondes.

03. Favourite non-playable.

The slobs. Let's just say I relate.

04. Favourite unpopular or neglected pre-made.

I've been really into Mary Gavigan lately. I love her and her weird Shelly Duvall face and her desire to fix up cars. I built her a domestic auto garage in Strangetown, where she and her family live upstairs. Her husband on the other hand I don't care about one way or another. What have you guys done with Nathan Gavigan?

I also love Alexandra Teatherton.

05. Favourite pre-made family/household.

The Curious brothers (I know, I know, I surprise no one), or the Ottomas, because I love playing big families. I also love digging the Brokes out of debt, and I love the Greenmans, even though everyone else thinks they're boring.

06. Pre-made sim or household you can't get interested in.

Pretty much all of Veronaville. Lemme clear something up: I have a bachelors in Theater Arts. (What was I thinking, right? I know, the job market agrees with you.) I took Renaissance theater upper level classes, and know Shakespeare, Marlowe, Jonson, blah blah blah. I worked for what is considered by some to be one of the only good Shakespeare companies in the states. So I know my Shakespeare.

But I can't remember the families and names in Veronaville to save my life. I know the Summerdreams because all their characters are from the same play (except Hermia being stuck with the Capps, wtf?) and Tybalt and Juliet and Mercutio and Romeo being siblings makes sense. But taking all the daughters of King Lear and just giving them random characters as children? I don't remember who goes where because I already have a contradictory character association going on. Each nuclear family should take their names from a specific play, and there should be fewer Capps and Monties because it's going to be impossible to not inbreed that town.

07. Favourite and/or least favourite neighbourhood.

My favorite is Strangetown, duh. I love the tiny everyone knows everyone element, and of course the paranormal. I guess I just covered least favorite.

08. Most intriguing pre-made sim or sim mystery.

Actually, let's go with: What ever happened to Skip Broke's pool ladder? Where did the third Broke child come from? Is Brandi on her way to becoming Pleasantview's Olive Specter?

09. Unpopular opinion about a pre-made.

Many people's Pascal Curious is kind of a player. Mine is never that suave. His extreme neatness and utter seriousness make him very rule oriented and even a very likely candidate for an Asperger's diagnosis. He's still more likely to try to meet someone at a bar than Vidcund is, but he's not socially smooth. At all.

So this idea is still up in the air: I was thinking about for my story having Gunnar Roque have Down's Syndrome. I was reading about some really cool bands that have drummers who happen to have Down's Syndrome, and I like to raise awareness that people with unusual brains do things too, and I think his standard asshole-in-a-band character is a little stale. But I also might not be able to write well enough to not make it super patronizing and tokenizing, which would be really terrible and make me feel like an asshole. Not to mention it's not really consistent with his character. So. Still thinking about it.

10. Favourite fanon.

I'm obsessed with emmelfish's tattooed interpretation of Florence de la Rosa. I love reading other people's takes on sims, but that's the only time I've had such a strong OH MY GOD I WISH I THOUGHT OF THAT.

I totally am part of the post-Strange Tomato generation of folks who can only see Jasmine Rai and Zoe Zimmerman as a couple though. The bio hints at it, right?

11. Popular fanon you disagree with.

I don't disagree with any I can think of. I have different ideas sometimes, but don't begrudge anyone their own dollies.

12. Favourite own head-canon that isn't backed up by canon.

So Peter Ottomas is totally gay and repressed. He's that stereotypical subset of gay that really only conservative politicians seem to be that try to use truck stop bathrooms as hook up spots. Samantha and the kids are a cover. She probably suspects, but is the type to encourage him to go see the priest about it. After which, he says he feels much better and goes back to sportswriting for the paper. Those sweaty, strapping young men patting each others' buttocks aren't going to cover themselves, you know?

The Shifting Paradymes are a radical political punk band.

13. Favourite canon/canonish pairing.

Jenny and PT9. Pascal and Nervous. Circe and Vidcund, but not forever, I just love writing them. Skip and Brandi Broke.

14. Favourite crack pairing.

Pascal and Peter Ottomas. You'll get the short short story on this in an upcoming episode, published in 10 years at this rate.

15. Most outrageous romance sim, aka who's nailed the most sims in your game.

Chloe Curious does very well for herself, what with a military base in town and all.

16. Pre-made you see as gay, bi, asexual, etc.

Oh, you know, the usual. Gay: Pascal, Nervous, maybe Alexander Goth. Kristen Loste. Peter Ottomas.
Bi: Erin Beaker. Chloe Curious. Circe Beaker. Alexandra O'Mackey.
I think a lot of romance sims, not because bisexual people sleep around any more than anyone else, but just because so many sims immediately get married off to their first kiss that even if they are bisexual, they never get a chance to explore it, where as even romance sims who I'd identify as straight or gay will probably experiment at least once.
Asexual: Maybe Chester Gieke.

17. Favourite non-romantic relationship.

I love writing for siblings of any type. There's something really satisfying about characters who know each other that well. I love writing Buzz's restrained relationships with his sons.
I think Erin Beaker and Natasha Una are going to open a gallery/yoga studio together.

18. Pre-made who's most like you.

If we're talking looks, maybe Florence De la Rosa. Fair skins, dark hair and a short round face. Life stage wise, Gabriel Green as the only knowledge sim who does not have a good job.
...Tara Kat for obvious reasons.

19. Premade whose look you like (not necessarily who you think is beautiful).

I love all the funny looking ones. Next time there's a Good Genes contest I'm going to use Loki, Peter Ottomas, and Malcolm Landgrabb. The result will be wonderful, and beautiful on the inside.

20. Hottest pre-made.

Circe Beaker, Ana Patel, Ajay Loner (he's not just a straight face 1, right? Those cheeks!), Dirk Dreamer.

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I'm really glad your cat's okay :)

04. I couldn't really be bothered to play the Gavigans longer than a couple of days, mostly because Nathan and Isaiah bored me to tears. I planned to break up the marriage, but never got around to it.
For some reason, Nathan gives me a giant douchebag vibe.

06. I never got into Veronaville too, but for more boring reasons. If I were a Shakespeare enthusiast, playing it would propably be much, much different!

08. Oh damn I left all my reaction images at home. Please envision Scrooge McDuck sitting motionlessly at his desk, with complete shock written on his beak? Thank you.

Seriously though, I never thought about it. I just decided that "heh, in-jokes" and moved on, but now that you mentioned it...

10. I know, right? I'm unbecomingly jealous of that idea.

14. This is crack, all right. Damn, now I'm curious how and when that happened. :o

17. Erin and Natasha as BFFs, this is so beautiful.

20. Ajay isn't face one! He has smaller eyes, a more upturned nose, and puffier cheeks. So squishable.

You have so many interesting ideas and opinions, it's always a pleasure to read your entries :)

I know right? I don't know why, but he just feels like a douche. I do like Isaiah though.

I have not seen Scrooge McDuck in years.

Right? Emmelfish mentioned she was having some problems using multiple tattoo overlays. I had some crackpot idea where I was going to learn to make overlays, and bribe her with some nice ones into letting me steal her idea. Alas, I am terrible at making things.

2. Crystal just bores me. I don't know, I find it difficult to like most of the townies, they just... look and feel so much like... well, townies. I mildly ship Crystal and Buzz, though. She even kinda looks like Lyla.

4. I agree, Mary is interesting, but Nathan is really boring. Maybe next time I'll break them up, they're not very into each other anyway. BTW, Isaiah actually looks like he's their genetic offspring! Shock!

12. Repressed gay Peter Ottomas FTW. Haha, he does look a bit Village People-ish with that mustache. There needs to be a Brokeback Mountain type drama written about this.

14. Speaking of which, I want to see this.

20. And yeah, Ajay isn't face 1 (though he's possibly based on it), I dunno why people keep saying he is. His face is shorter and rounder.

Yeah, so I got Buzz and Crystal in the same room for a single scene, I walk away to get a drink, and come back and it's make out central. Buzz definitely likes blondes.

Good news: Isaiah looks genetically related. Bad news: He doesn't have Mary's weird eyes.

I have never been able to see Peter Ottomas as straight. I don't know why, but I think you're on to it with the mustache.

Don't be too disappointed when it's not the epic drama you're waiting for. Pascal is far too sensible to date a married man for long.

I really need to get better at recognizing faces.

Lol Pacal and Peter? That must be something! XD

It calls my attention we have so different ideas of Pascal, I hardly ever see him as a suave, player is other people's games/story and always feel like I'm the one playing him wrongly for doing that! XD (but can't avoid anyways, because even fully pregnant, he goes go around flirting with anyone he can!! :P)

Also, I used to hate Crystal so much. Still think she's rather boring, but started liking her a bit more after reading a very old story by akanwa. She was paired with Vid there and really made a lot more sense than with Lazlo (Laz/Crystal doesn't work at all imo)

And darn, who could say Ajay is face one!?? O_o Have they LOOK at those cheeks and the overall shape!!?? He's so cute, tho! ^_^

I feel like I may have oversold this idea. It wasn't a long relationship... but still, I'll get to it.

I feel like I see Pascal hooking up in photobooths as a nonplayable in other people's games too. He's just never so forward in my game. Maybe I'd see him change if I installed ARC.

I'll have to check out that story. If I remember, Vid and Crystal do have better chemistry, though I always imagined Vid hated Crystal and Lazlo hated Circe. Funny how we can see our mistakes when it's someone else making them.

I'm really bad at telling faces. I thought he was face 1 at first, but then noticed that he was way cuter than face 1 sims, so he must be different.

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